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Feature: Crooked Clothing

'Crooked Clothing is the product of a Leeds based collective of artists and designers who believe that individuality is everything. They aim to relay this message of individuality through the diverse range of styles of their design team, and by ensuring each limited edition garment is never left out for too long.'

Crooked Clothing is more than just a brand, it is a platform for designers to get their work seen on the most influential canvas around today;  the clothes we wear. They're not about sticking to brand identity, following the latest trends or becoming victims of fashion. They keep it fresh and original, giving customers something different from the mainstream big brand logos, and aim to help out the little guys in the process.

Below are my favourite T-shirts from the first drop!

To take a look at the whole collection head over to
And, keep up to date with the brand via Facebook and Tumblr.

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