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Clutch Bags

In the past, I've only ever owned one clutch bag. I have always prefered to use a bag that I can hold on my shoulder as it just seems so much more convenient than having to hold a bag all night. However, with soft leather clutch bags becoming all the more easily available on the high-street I've purchased two recently. 

This clutch is from H&M and was an absolute bargain at £14.99. At that price it is obviously faux leather, but it feels and looks like real leather. The bag opens in half and has a pocket on the inside, or it  opens using the zip which runs along the length of the bag, making it more like a pouch.

I was going to buy this Whistles pouch before Christmas as a little treat for myself, however I'm glad I waited as it went into the sales and I bought it at 50% off! The pouch is soft leather but still has a great structure to it. The colour is great for me as it adds a little something extra to my usually black outfits, and will look great with the jumpsuit featured in my previous post. 

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