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Not Now: Clear Recent History.

A while back I did an interview with Not Now design studio, and now the Manchester based 5-peice studio have a new project coming up called 'Clear Recent History'. 

Not Now describe Clear Recent History as "A program looking into the human being's dependencies and flaws through the HD ready monitor of technology, media and products.
Three components will be displayed across Manchester, spanning a variety of media and spaces around the city, giving us a mirrored view of our own appetites for glossy, saturated newness."

The first event within the Clear Recent History project is 'De-Fame':
"Everyone has there five minutes of fame, people are sucked in and spat out by the red tops quicker than Dwain Chambers on performance enhancers. Reputations are made and destroyed within days.
This event explores the increasingly volatile relationship between media and celebrity culture. The ongoing cycle revolving between peoples dependency and outrage with today's press.
De-fame will be set to trend and stream across visual media throughout the evening, achieving our very own short span of ticking fame to only be shoved back out of the other side, becoming a primary example of the fast paced conveyor belt of modern fame and recognition. "
The event will take place on the 20th of March at Vault in Manchester.

The second part of the project 'De-Feed' will be involving submissions, so there's a chance for everyone to get involved. Keep your eyes peeled more info on this in the near future! 

For updates on the Clear Recent History project and related events, head over to the Not Now FacebookTwitterInstagram and take a look at the Facebook event.

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