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All That Glitters.....

is GOLD! I'm an absolute sucker for gold jewellery, always have been and probably always will be. I have recently started wearing a bit of silver here and there but my heart lies with gold. 

I've recently picked up a few sets of gold rings;

The thick band rings were a set from H&M which is great as you get a few different bands of different widths which gives you the ability to mix & match. 

The thin band on my right hand is a so tacky I couldn't resist number from Primark. It came in a set of 4 rings but I don't really like the others very much. 

The really thin bands, the band with the blue stone and the band with the ivory oval were a set from Topshop that I purchased on a whim last week, and pretty much haven't taken off since!

And for reference, my nail varnish is Rimmel 60 Seconds in 'Grey Matter'.

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