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Interview: Gabrielle Ginns of

Based in the UK, Little Black Box is an online shop founded in 2011 by Gabrielle Ginns (Who is also the beautiful model for the site!). The shop stocks a wide variety of amazing products from clothing to shoes to accessories, all with that certain edge that is so highly sought after these days. Here, I speak to Gabs about Little Black Box;

What inspired you to start Little Black Box?
If I’m honest, I think I’d have to put it mostly down to boredom! I wanted to do something productive over the summer (2011) and it took off from there. I never thought over a year down the line it would still be up and running, but I wasn’t really thinking ahead at the time. I love fashion; the idea of working in the fashion industry has always interested me and I really enjoy it but I don’t see it as being a full-time career path or anything so I use LBB as a way of fulfilling a job I’d always dreamed of doing, but purely as a bit of fun instead of a life time commitment.

What struggles did you face in the beginning (if any!) when setting up the LBB website and trying to get the brand known?
At first I didn’t have the slightest clue where to start! I just started writing things down on little scraps of paper; lots of different ideas, brainstorms and to-do lists etc. but didn’t know where to take it from there. After coming up with a name I was lucky enough to source the first collection at a fair price as my dad lived in Thailand at the time, so he could get me wholesale clothing. Once I had that sorted, I took photos of the first collection (with the help of self timer and a tripod) and created a Bigcartel site, it took a lot of preparation before I was ready to launch the site; then the first few months were pretty slow too. I didn’t have an advertising budget (I still don’t!) so I used sites like and Facebook to advertise, eventually I was shipping products out as far as China, America, Australia and all over Europe!

What is your decision process when it comes to choosing stock for the website?
I take in everything, from what is on the catwalk at that time, the high street, what people are wearing on blogs and Lookbook to what my friends and I are wearing. I often use my personal preference and style, sometimes getting a second opinion from friends before buying. Generally I buy stuff I’d want to wear - I try to focus on what would sell.

What's your favourite thing about running LBB?
A few things, I love choosing items, its just like going shopping except you get paid to do it, haha! and I love getting nice emails from customers thanking me when they receive their orders, those always put a smile on my face.

What is your favourite item you currently or have previously stocked?
It would be hard to pick! I’ve actually got a lot of it in my own wardrobe too, like the Skull Studded Backpack (which is no longer in stock) - that goes with me everywhere as its so practical; the Dope Muscle Tank, I have one of those too, its one of my favourite tops right now. The most popular item I’ve stocked is by far the Aztec Print Cardigan... it always sells out straight away and I get dozens of emails about it, so I guess thats the LBB staple item!

Where do you take your own style inspiration from?
This changes all the time but generally I look at blogs such as Le Happy ( and India Rose ( for inspiration. Also, huge love for Rihanna’s style, I’d kill for her wardrobe. If I had to pick a favorite designer it would be Alexander Wang.

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