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Ciate - Velvet Manicure Review

As I love experimenting with my nails, I recently purchased the Ciate 'Velvet Manicure' set and have just tried it out for the first time. I was quite weary about using it as I previously tried a DIY version of the caviar manicure set and found it really hard to use!

Ciate describe the Velvet Manicure as a two-step process in which you can achieve true exuberance and sophistication. The velvet manicure was inspired by the brand's creative director whilst experimenting with luxurious textures and finishes.

The set includes:
1 x 13.5ml Ciate paint pot nail varnish in '3am Girl'
1 x 8.5g blue crushed velvet powder
1 x little black brush

Applying the velvet was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be! The first step is to apply one coat of the nail polish (I did a clear base coat first!) and let that dry, then apply another coat. Whilst the second coat is still wet, hold the nail over the plastic tray (This is basically just the bottom of the tray all of the items come in) and sprinkle the velvet over the nail until you have a thick covering. I then left it to set for a few minutes before using the little black brush to dust off any extra velvet, it doesn't say to wait in the set instructions but I thought it best to be slightly cautious. Once the excess is brushed away, leave to dry properly for 10-15 minutes!

I tried it just one of my nails for starters, and the picture didn't really do the manicure justice! It looked really good and the velvet was visible from quite a distance. However, after a short while the velvet did rub off, so it would probably be suitable for a night out but not general day time use!

You can purchase the Ciate Velvet manicure from the Ciate website.

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