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Check out my FUR

As we're heading further into cold cold January, everyone could do with a little fur in their lives to keep them toasty. I personally love fur, however I do not own any real fur. I'm not opposed to real fur, it just happens that all of the fur items I have come across and loved have been faux fur (And obviously it's usually a lot cheaper!!). Here are a few of my favourite fur items:

From L-R:
1. Purple Fur Stole - ASOS (I got this quite a while ago so it's no longer available on the site)
2. Fur hat - Forever 21
3. Fur Jacket - Vintage (Purchased from Oxfam stall at Reading festival 2008)
4. Fur Roller Hat - Primark (This was SUCH a bargain at £4 and it's so fluffy)
5. Fur Snood - ASOS (So soft it feels like real fur)

To let me know of any amazing fur items tweet me @WiseowlPR

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