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Interview with Nail Artist Jennie Lee

Nail Art has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past year or so, with companies such as Wah Nails making the most complicated and intricate designs available to the masses. However, that said, a friend of mine has mastered the art and here is a little interview with her to find out more about what she does:

What initially made you so interested in Nail Art?
Ever since I can remember I have always painted my nails. It got to the point where my friends and family thought I had OCD, any chip, smudge or mistake and every nail had to be repainted! I remember when I was about 11 and my dad bought me my first set of nail pens back from Hong Kong, I was amazed and used them to paint on just about anything. When they ran out I converted to dipping tooth picks into nail vanish! Now that nail art is so popular, I just found myself buying more and more nail vanishes, pens, tools and now I can’t stop. I've become more and more interested in what you can do with your nails, and the reactions people give you when there see your nails is great. 

What are your favourite designs to do?
That’s a tough question because there’s so many different designs, but I think my favourite design is probably Leopard print nails, it’s really simple to do and can be done with any colour. Those and the Tuxedo design I think are just so much fun! They're probably the two favourite that people choose to have as well. My favourite design that I've done is sugar skulls that I did for a friend’s birthday. I did a skull on each of her nails and decorated it with beads and gems. I’d never done them before and I think they looked brilliant after.

What are your favorite nail art orientated products? (varnishes, foils, nail pens etc)
There’s just so many to choose from!! At the minute my favourite nail polish is Essie. I just really love how thick the brush is that with just one sweep your nail's painted. You don’t need a million coats which is always good, too many coats and I find sometimes the nail vanish can peel off in one go. For the drawings themselves I love Modelsown Nail pens, I just think that the paint is runny enough to draw on smooth and not thick so you cant do small and delicate designs. I also love to use beads and gems, they just add a bit of detail and texture to your design.

Do you have any good tips?
A good base coat and a good top coat is a must! I use Seche Vite, it’s the best i’ve come across, it gives your nail an amazing shine and I find it lasts longer than a lot of other top coats iv used and it dries so quickly. I would also say that if you’re using nail pens before you start just give the nip a quick prick with a pin just to clear the dry paint away then you won’t be left with a blocked tip or it exploding over your nails. I'd also say if you want nail tools like brushes or ball tips, beads, gems and tapes you don’t need to spend a fortune, I’ve got most of mine from eBay and I find that they work perfectly. 

What is the next step for you now that you plan to start your very own little business?
At the minute im just trying to build up a portfolio, I’ve bought some nail wheels that I can paint designs on to showcase what designs I can do. I’ve started advertising a bit more and getting a bit more practice on other peoples nails rather than just my own. I’ve also been looking at courses for nails where I can I learn gels and acrylics which are also very popular at the minute and so I have more to offer than just the painting and drawing side.

If you're interested in having Jennie do your nails, email her: And you can also take a look at more of her designs on her instagram @Jennielee_24

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