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Latest purchases 18/11/13

I've been terrible at blogging over the past few weeks, I've just started a new job so I've been really busy and exhausted! This is just a quick one showing a few of the purchases I've made recently - great for me but not so great for my bank balance. 

Tartan Trousers - River Island
These fit like an absolute dream! They're really comfortable and they were really affordable at £34.99, definitely great value for money.

Adidas Greenstars 
These are my first pair of Greenstars. The Adidas sale was like Christmas come early, so many bargains to be had! These were a steal at only £19.50, and at that price you can't go wrong. 

Adidas Tech Super 2
I've had my eye on these for a while, I was unsure on whether to get them until again, the Adidas sale proved to be incredible and they cost me only £53.50. I couldn't say no at that price. The quality of the materials are great and I love the shape of the midsole. 

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