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M.I.A. x Versus Versace

M.I.A. is known for her somewhat 'out there' style, and at Paris Fashion Week she announced that she would be collaborating with Versus (Versace's lower priced line) on a capsule collection. Being a lover of classic Versace and of M.I.A.'s style, it was obvious that this collection was going to be a winner with me. Take a look at my favourite looks below:

Take a look at the whole collection here.

The capsule collection was inspired by the bootleg Versace items M.I.A. grew up seeing on market stalls in and around East London. "When I was approached by Versace, it seemed like a good idea to take that and reverse the cycle. Versace designs have always been bootlegged, now it's Versace bootlegging the bootleg for bootleggers to bootleg the bootleg. This is to keep that cycle going.". The campaign photos represent the inspiration behind the collection perfectly:

The collection will be available from the Versus online store and selected Versace stores. 

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