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Review: Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment

I bought the LUSH Marilyn hair treatment a while back so thought I would do a quick review of it before I go and buy another pot. 

I first bought it when I had really blonde hair, just to get some moisture back into the ends. The hair treatment is aimed mainly at tacking brassy tones in blonde hair, however I was quite lucky in that my hair didn't really have any brassy tones, but a friend recommended this to me just as a way to give your hair a treat,  and then the conquering of any uneven tones was a bonus for me. 

Using the treatment is really easy, you simply coat the hair in the product (It has a sort of creamy gloopy consistency) and leave it on for 20 minutes. I personally only covered the lower half of my hair in the product as my hair gets greasy really quickly, and I was only attempting to improve the condition of my ends. I also left the product on for around an hour, the sales advisor in LUSH told me she sleeps with hers on so I knew I was safe with an hour. 

Usually leaving hair masks on I find that they can dry out, but the Mariliyn stayed full of moisture the whole time I had it on which made it much easier to wash out.

I like this product, however, I don't think the effects are particularly long term but it definitely makes my hair feel much smoother for a few days after use. I've also used the treatment on my hair now that it's brown and it hasn't altered the colour so it could potentially be beneficial for all hair colours. 

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