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Mediterranean Winter

Today me and my boyfriend made a mediterranean style dish with a winter twist. We made it on a budget, with all of the ingredients costing less than £10, and It tasted amazing!

To begin with we covered the chicken in oil, herbs & crushed garlic and left this to sit for a few minutes. We just used a general 'italian herb' mix from Sainsbury's. 

Then we chopped up 2 peppers and 1 red onion and placed in a large dish with black olives, runner beans and cherry tomatoes. Any vegetable could be added to the dish, we wanted to add courgettes but there was no room! 

We added the chicken to the dish and poured in a good serving of wine and a chicken stock cube mixed with about 150/200ml of water. This was just to make sure the veg didn't dry out in the oven.  

We cooked everything for around 45 minutes at 180C and turned the chicken half way through. It's a good idea to give the vegetables a move around too as the ones nearer the top tend to dry out slightly. The dish was served with mash potato, which complimented the chicken and vegetables perfectly whilst also adding a sense of wintery comfort.

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